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Slam balls are an amazing tool for training explosive power and improving conditioning. The full-body muscle groups are engaged in a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which effectively builds up your strength, explosive power & cardio level.

Plus, there’s something just so satisfying about slamming these as hard as you can. And with a double-thick shell and reinforced air valve, you can slam until your heart’s content.  

Kingkong Slam Balls come with a full 1-year warranty for home use and 6 months for commercial use. Like a tire on a car, slam balls are a consumable good and will occasionally need to be replaced. 

  • THICK PVC SHELL that will survive the toughest workouts
  • DEAD BOUNCE will not bounce back and allows you to slam the ball as hard as you can
  • OPTIMAL GRIP PATTERN offers comfort grip for users who prefer mild grip that is gentle to palms.
  • MULTIPLE WEIGHTS sold individuall and available from 4kg to 20kg to suit different needs