Leg Extension Pin Loaded Machine - USA KING Series I Pre-order

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The USA King Series Leg Extension features multiple starting positions that can be adjusted to cater to the user's needs, providing exercise flexibility. The adjustable ankle pad offers the freedom to choose the most comfortable posture in a small area, while the adjustable back cushion allows for easy knee alignment with the pivot axis, ensuring good biomechanics.

  • Optimal Seat Angle

The seat is positioned at the best angle to facilitate full leg extension and contraction of leg muscles, maximizing exercise effectiveness.

  • Versatile Start Position

The start position is adaptable to all users and can be conveniently adjusted.

  • Supportive Alignment

The adjustable back pad promotes proper knee-pivot alignment, minimizing sheer force on the knee joint and providing helpful guidance for injury prevention.

Color customization is available with lead time 10-12 weeks. Please email team@kingkongfitness.com.au for lead times and bulk pricing.

Weight Stack: 110KG
Dimensions (L*W*H): 1480*1040*1500 mm
Weight: 252KG
Max Load: 200KG


  • Main frame: Lifetime warranty
  • Arms Moving: Two years
  • Springs, Adjustments, Linear bearings: One year
  • Hand grips, upholstery, cables and belts and all other parts: 6 months