KingKong Power Sled

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Introducing the KingKong Power Sled – engineered for supreme performance in all your push and pull exercises. This sled ensures a seamless and robust workout experience.

Key Features:

Robust 35kg Construction: The KingKong Power Sled boasts a solid 35kg construction, providing the durability and stability needed for intense training sessions. Its sturdiness guarantees a reliable platform for your most demanding workouts.

Versatile Bi-Directional Design: With a dual-directional design, our power sled offers the flexibility you need for various push and pull exercises. This versatile feature ensures a dynamic workout that targets different muscle groups, allowing you to optimize your fitness routine.

Centralized Loading Pin: Equipped with a centralized loading pin, the KingKong Power Sled simplifies the weight-loading process, allowing you to focus on your workout without unnecessary distractions. Load and unload with ease for a seamless training experience.

Enhanced Stability with 45-Degree Angled Feet: Conquer rough surfaces effortlessly with the 45-degree angled feet, providing superior stability during your most challenging workouts. The KingKong Power Sled is designed to stay firmly in place, eliminating any concerns of tipping or turning during intense efforts.

Detachable Pushing Arms: The sled features detachable pushing arms for added convenience and flexibility in your training routine. Easily customize your workout by adapting the sled to your specific needs, enhancing the overall versatility of your fitness regimen.

Functional Design for Easy Use: Measuring over 100cm long and 60cm wide, this power sled provides a spacious and stable platform for your exercises. The inclusion of two tall push handles ensures a comfortable grip during workouts, with the option to purchase a low grab handle for added versatility.

Effortless Loading with Designed Lip: Experience hassle-free loading of dead balls or sandbags with the small lip designed on the edge of the middle flat surface. This thoughtful addition prevents items from easily rolling off, streamlining your workout preparation.