KingKong Leg Press & Squat Plate Loaded Machine 2 in 1 - 45º|IN STOCK

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KingKong Leg Press & Squat Plate Loaded Machine is designed for commercial gym.

Dual Functioning for both Leg Press & Squat, which is much safer for heavy weights and designed to take your leg workout to the next level!

Built-in safety components provide enhanced safety. Train confidently to failure. Safety rail handles on both sides. Adjustable safety catch stops the carriage from lowering any further.

Why KingKong Leg Press & Squat Plate Loaded Machine 2 in 1:

  • Seat position is adjustable which will minimise impact and stress on your joints while lifting heavy weights
  • Recommend to use thin rubber or steel olympic plates for this machine
  • Constructed with robust 100mm x 50mm oval steel tube with eco-friendly powder coat for durable and long-lasting protection
  • Fit olympic weight plates
  • 4 Weight Storage Sleeves to keep your gym tidy
  • Assembled dimension: length 200cm x width 100cm x height 170cm
  • Weight Capacity: 350KG