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Are you tired of sitting all day long? This KingKong 2-in-1 Fitness Bike Chair is the best solution that will boost your energy and add more fun into your home or work office!

This chair provides a super comfortable sitting experience, which could be a perfect alternative to your office chair.

Sedentary lifestyle brings lots of problems. KingKong has always been committed to providing health solutions. Let us make healthy strides from your chair!


  • Breathable Mesh Backrest

The breathable mesh fabric backrest ensures not only comfortable but also stability.

  • Supportive Seat Cushion

The firm seat cushion provides no pressure support, bringing enjoyable sedentary experience.

  • Height Adjustable Seat

Adjust the seat easily, even while seated, using the one-touch lever.



  • For Improving Productivity

Cycles quietly and smoothly so it won't disturb your work or your co-workers. Keeps the mind alert and active during work and creative activities.

  • For Saving Time

Start your fitness journey off right with no excuses — is always underfoot. Makes it easy to achieve your health and wellness goals.

  • For Staying Healthy

Seamlessly combine sit and fitness while building a better body. Ensures your exercise equipment doesn’t sit for months unused.


 Weight Capacity: 100KG
Color: White/Black
Product Dimension (L*W*H): 853mm * 515mm * 947 - 1177mm
Seat Height Range: 570mm -800mm

Customer Reviews

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Isabelle D.
A fantastic addition to my exercise regime

The bike chair is quiet and allows me to do 2 hours of cycling per day while working. The seat is large and comfortable, and the it sits perfectly under my stand up desk. I pedal when I'm in meetings where I spend most of the time listening. It's exercise while working.