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The Kingkong Fitness Safety Squat Bar offers a range of training benefits and is an excellent tool for building overall strength and stability, as well as max-load lifts.  It is suitable for athletes with limited mobility, shoulder, elbow or wrist limitations, as well as those in recovery/rehabilitation.  

The safety squat bar is great for all types of squats, lunges, good mornings, Zercher squats and back raises.  It is also an excellent tool for training the posterior chain.

Training with this squat bar is ideal for upper back, lower back, and leg work. The Safety Squat Bar is also great for addressing weak points in the squat.


Capacity: 1500 LB / 680 KG
Length: 220cm
Weight:   21KG
Bearing: 4 needle bearings
Handle Space: 32cm
Handle Angle: 22 Degrees
Collars:  2pcs Sleeve Collars are included as gifts