Fractional Change Plates 15KG Package/ In Stock

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Premium Kingkong KG Change Plates give you the opportunity to push yourself a bit extra for every lift. Every fraction counts when chasing those PRs on your lifts.

Rubber coating allows for a solid fit on the barbell and less noise/movement during your lifts. 

This 15KG package includes:

2 x 0.5KG, 2 x 1KG, 2 x 1.5KG, 2 x 2KG, 2 x 2.5KG


  • Diameter
    • 0.125kg- 11.9cm
    • 0.25kg- 11.9cm
    • 1.25kg- 17.0cm
    • 2.5kg- 21.0cm
  • Diameter Collar Opening: 50.4+-0.1MM
  • Weight Tolerance: +_10 Gram
  • Material: 100% Original Rubber Rubber 
  • Rubber Color: IWF Weight
  • Center Metal: Steel with Chromed Plating.
  • Hardness: 90 Shore A