Vertical Row Pin Loaded Machine - USA KING Series

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The Vertical Row machine is designed to provide a comfortable and customized workout experience for users of varying sizes. With an adjustable chest pad and seat height, users can easily find the right starting position for their workout routine. The L-shaped handles on this machine offer dual-grip functionality, allowing users to switch between wide and narrow grip methods for a comprehensive back muscle workout.

Key Features:

  • L-shaped Handles: The unique design of the handles provides a comfortable and secure grip, allowing users to activate their muscles more effectively during training and increase the weight load for better results.
  • Adjustability: The Vertical Row machine features an adjustable seat and chest pad, which can be easily modified to fit the individual needs of each user for a personalized workout experience.
  • Workout Guidance: The machine also includes an instructional placard that provides step-by-step guidance on proper body positioning, movement, and muscle groups targeted, helping users get the most out of their workout.

Color customization is available with lead time 10-12 weeks. Please email for lead times and bulk pricing.

Weight Stack: 95KG
Dimensions (L*W*H): 1500*1300*1500 mm
Weight: 238KG
Max Load: 200KG


  • Main frame: Lifetime warranty
  • Arms Moving: Two years
  • Springs, Adjustments, Linear bearings: One year
  • Hand grips, upholstery, cables and belts, and all other parts: 6 months