Athena Women's Olympic Premium Barbell - 15KG

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Athena Women's Olympic Premium Barbell - PINK - 15KG - 79.14" (201cm)

If looking for a quality women's barbell,  Athena Bar will be a barbell that you will be sure to love. Made with super-strong 42 Crmo steel with 210k PSI Tensile Steel with fascinating Pink zinc with Black oxide sleeves.




True IWF standard Olympic bar at 25mm diameter and at 210k tensile strength with 1000LB rating (453KG).

Optimal Rotation

The 8 Needle Bearings with Bushing are specifically designed to deliver a more stable and controlled rotation.  They ensure the perfect spin for the sleeves which gives the much longer lifespan of the bar and super comfortable lifting.

Volcano Knurling

This bar features medium volcano knurling and is ideal for intense high rep sessions. This mild grip gives full control and solid contact while remaining comfortable for high rep training.



Dimension: 2.01 meters IWF standard barbell
Bar Weight: 15KG
Load Capacity: 1000LB/453KG
Material: Strengthened 42 CrMo alloy steel
Sharft Coating: Premium Pink Zinc finish for long-lasting performance
Sharft Diameter: 25mm 
Sleeve Coating: Black Oxide Sleeves
Knurl Double knurl marks, perfect for a powerlifter. No center knurl.
Bearing 8 Needle Bearings
Sharft Length Collar-to-collar length 137 cm