Power Rack Package - 150kg - Adjustable Bench & 700LB Olympic Bar I IN STOCK

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Get the very best Deluxe Home Gym Package which will give you the dream set up for your home gym!

This package include:

1 x Kingkong Power Rack/ Squat Cage KKPR2

1 x Elite Adjustable Heavy Durty Incline/ Decline Bench


1 x Nylon Clip Pair

2 x 5kg Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 10kg Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 15kg Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 20kg Olympic Bumper Plates

2 x 25kg Olympic Bumper Plates

Total 150KG Black Olympic Bumper Plates



Dimension: 2.2 meters IWF standard barbell
Bar Weight: 20KG
Load Capacity: 700LB/317KG
Material: Strengthened 42 Crmo alloy steel
Sharft Coating: Premium Hard Chrome finish for long-lasting performance
Sharft Diameter: 28mm 
Sleeve Coating: Hardened Chrome
Knurl Double knurl marks, perfect for powerlifter. No centre knurl.
Bearing 4 needle bearings
Sharft Length Collar-to-collar length 131 cm


The power rack dimension

Without lat pulley: Width 1200mm x Depth 1300mm x Height 2200mm.

With lat pulley: Width 1200mm x Depth 1500mm x Height 2200mm.


Bumper plates set Specifications:

- Bumper Diameter: 450mm (IWF Standard)
- Stainless steel inserts
- Lower bounce
- High Durability
Width: 25mm(5kg)/ 40mm(10kg)/ 57mm(15kg)/ 70mm(20kg)/ 85mm(25kg)


Accessories included in Power Rack:

  • Dip Bar
  • Landmine
  • 4 J-hooks
  • Safety bar
  • Multi-direction pull up bar
  • (Optional) Adding lat system include the long pull down bar and short pull up bar

For extra cable attachments, please check ACCESSORIES page.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Luke S.
    Highly recommended

    Excellent value for money! Great unit

    Sarah C.

    Excellent experience with KingKong Fitness. Not only was the service and communication second to none prior to us arriving our package, but the product itself is great.
    It’s good quality and was relatively easy to assemble

    Would definitely recommend!

    M H.
    King Kong Power Rack and Bench Package

    Whilst the initial lengthy delivery timeframe and lack of clarity had me anxious that my home gym was never going to happen, the wait was worth it and King Kong really did deliver. After being informed that they had been inundated with COVID-19 related logistics problems and once they confirmed the status/refined timeframe of delivery my concerns were put at ease. Actual equipment is fantastic, solid as kit and I have been impressed with its construction and versatility. Cannot find a better price for the set up anywhere and they don’t shirk on the quality.
    Thanks for the journey King Kong I’ll never forget ❤️
    Note, agree with CF below on the lat pull down if you load plates directly flush against the end of the rail you will gouge your plates on the bolts of the pulley.

    Nice rack with some design flaws

    Sturdy rack but has a couple of design floors.
    1. The pull up bar angled grips face in such a direction that to do a standard grip pull up you have to do it from inside of the cage. This can result in hitting your head on the lat pulldown if you have any rearward movement.
    2. The bottom fastening bolt that connects the lat pulldown slides vertical rail to the bottom mount protrudes which damages the bumper plates if they are sitting flush against the inside edge of where you load the plate.
    3. The lat pulldown could do with a bit more vertical travel.
    4. The landmine attachment sits fairly high

    Welds look like they were done by an apprentice but hold well.

    ibanob b.

    Best rack ever